Faculty of Law

Historic Background

The Faculty of Law at La Sagesse University is the first Law Faculty in Lebanon and the Middle East.  It was established in 1875, under the reign of Mgr. Youssef DEBS, Bishop of Beirut by that time and founder of La Sagesse University.
The Faculty used to teach Law as well as Islamic doctrine in Arabic. Students were Lebanese and Arabs. The teaching body was composed of eminent professors.
Since its establishment, the Faculty graduated thousands of jurists who were brilliant in different juridical professions.
The Faculty of Law is a dependent entity of La Sagesse University. It abides to the Lebanese Law Higher Education.
Nowadays, the Faculty counts thousands of Lebanese and Arab students.





The fields and professions to which the law graduates may apply:

  • Bar Association
  • Judicial Body
  • Public Notaries
  • Religious Courts
  • Diplomatic Body
  • Public Administration
  • Functions in Security field (General Security, Criminal Investigation …)
  • International Institutions and Organizations
  • Research and teaching
  • Legal department in enterprises