The social services of the University aim to the social welfare of the student for his best academic performance.

The existing service since 1997 within the university sought and always seeks to promote a sense of individual student and his family welfare.

All students wishing to benefit of assistance offered by the university need to:

  1. Withdraw the file, fill it with the help of his parents.
  2. Attach documents that must be presented to certify the information contained in the social form, in order to facilitate the problems monitoring and analysis.
  3. Accept the visit of the social worker at home, if it deems necessary. The purpose of the visit is not in the order of inspection or detection but for a meeting with the parents and a better understanding of the situation.

Besides the reductions, our students can benefit from splitting the tuition in installments by establishing a schedule.

We rely on being close, available and attentive to the student. We work with several external organizations to which we assist those in need. Our work can be performed only on the request of the student and the parents' approval.

No discount is automatically renewed, the application must be renewed each year by the students.



Social Assistant: Mrs Pauline Makhoul
Main Campus
P.O.Box 50-501 Furn-El-Chebak, Lebanon

Telephone: 961-1- 291 091 ext. 207

Fax:961-1-294 445