Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management
Courses Test Type Number Of Credits Course Language Number Of Hours  
Management (MGT 601) Written/Oral 3 English 45

This course is a survey of the major skills and functions performed by the manager of any type of enterprise, namely planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. These functions are studied in a dynamic environment with emphasis on individual and group research. The core material covers the following topics: management objectives; organizational structure; material and human resource utilization; human relations; decision making, staffing and controlling. 

Human Resources & Career Management (HRM 601) Written/Oral 3 English 45

This course aims to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes related to the strategic processes of training and career development to develop and sustain the human capital of organizations. The critical areas of strategic training and management, needs assessment, learning theories, technology in training and learning, issues related to career management, including career management. 

Research Methodologies (RSM 601) Written/Oral 3 English 45

Balanced and authoritative, bring together leading experts to present many methodologies widely used in any research. Following a consistent format, will assist to describe the methodology at hand, identifies the types of questions and claims for which it is well suited, delineates clear standards for quality, and presents one or more exemplary studies using the methodology. Efficient for an ideal resource for more experienced researchers seeking to build their skills for utilizing or evaluating particular approaches.

Marketing Strategies (MKT 601) Written/Oral 3 English 45

A marketing strategy defines objectives and describes the way you're going to satisfy customers in your chosen markets. It does not have to be written down but it is easier to communicate to outsiders, like your bank manager or other investors, when it is.

A set of strategies found quite commonly in smaller businesses are growth strategies. One way to look at strategies to grow your business is through the way you will use products and markets or customers.

Corporate Finance (FIN 601) Written/Oral 3 English 45

This course focuses on corporate investment and financing decisions and on analyzing and managing the elements of a comprehensive financial strategy. It will provide a theoretical and empirical overview of major topics in corporate finance. The course has two objectives, the first is to develop the theory underlying corporate investment and financing decisions; the second is to understand how to use the theory to analyze the impact of these financial decisions on the value of a company.

Hotels Estate Development Process (EHR 620) Written/Oral 3 English 45

This course will define in depth the hotels estate development process by emphasizing on almost specific questions to the hotels development process of assets such as:

  • how to minimize your risk and maximize your profits in the hospitality industry.
  • how you can quickly and easily get started in hotel estate development and begin to accumulate the massive wealth of successful hospitality estate entrepreneurs without going through the stress of construction
  • how to build a sustainable hotel estate development business and knock years off the learning curve by using others people's time, knowledge, skills, property and money
  • the criteria the experts use to quickly identify hotel sites that have great development potential so you’re one step ahead of the crowd and can avoid buying a 'lemon'
  • what drives property prices and simple steps to help you quickly conduct market research so you can select the suburbs that are most likely to provide strong capital growth over the next few years
  • creative ways that you can use to control and secure prime development sites under market value, which historically outperform the market using none of your own money
  • simple financing tips and clever strategies that successful hotel estate entrepreneurs use to create massive cash flow and quick profits, and how you can use these to help set yourself up financially
  • how the professionals avoid costly mistakes, conduct their due diligence and feasibilities plus the answer to the most important question of all - Will my hotel development project be profitable?
Hospitality Asset Management (EHR 622) Written/Oral 3 English 45

In this specialized course students will enhance their knowledge of wealth planning and management for hospitality investors. It will also provide a comprehensive overview of portfolio management and a theoretical and empirical approach to hospitality estate development investment and operation. A behavioral process will help to investigate the contribution of strategic assets in determining customer perceptions of hotel room price hospitality industry.

Hospitality Real Estate (EHR 624) Written/Oral 3 English 45

This course will provide the foundation by which a new hospitality industry manager can make good decisions on operating and investing in this most important of assets.  It provides basic knowledge of the role facilities play in the hospitality industry, how building systems work and how buildings are put together. Legal and environmental concerns are addressed throughout, it will help the students to learn how to ask the right questions and take steps to control costs that contribute to the facility’s bottom line. Most importantly, the student will be able to ask the right questions (using the correct technical terms) and take the right steps to control costs and contribute to the bottom line of any facilities-intensive business.

Hospitality Facilities Design (EHR 610) Written/Oral 3 English 45

It shows how to keep every area of a hotel property running smoothly. It’s a system approach to hospitality facilities issues, while also providing a summary based on functional spaces within a hotel/ restaurants and resorts properties. Students will learn how technology can streamline operations procedures, how to balance environmental concerns with guest satisfaction, and how to communicate effectively with hotel engineering personnel.

Hotels and Restaurants Valuation Principles & Techniques (EHR 628) Written/Oral 3 English 45  
Hospitality Project Management (MHS 630) Written/Oral 3 English 45

The production of a festival or tourist event is a project. The use of project management techniques and software from other industries has had a significant impact on the management of mega-events in particular. This course aims to consider the potential and limitations of project management when used in an event environment.

Entrepreneurial Hospitality Finance (EHR 635) Written/Oral 3 English 45

Entrepreneurial Hospitality Finance is designed to help managers make better investment and financing decisions in entrepreneurial hotels settings. The course covers all stages of the process, from startup to harvest. Approximately two-third of the cases concern Hospitality & Restaurant businesses, though the emphasis is on gaining insights into entrepreneurial management. It emphasizes on emerging trends in entrepreneurial hospitality finance, covering the financing of new restaurants and hotels. . This course is designed to focus on the numbers and the analytical techniques for gaining insight. Entrepreneurial hospitality finance integrates people into the equation by taking into account their capabilities, their incentives, and the cognitive biases they bring to decision making 

Marketing Management for Hospitality Service (THM 611) Written/Oral 3 English 45

This course is designed to provide the necessary body of knowledge in the various basic aspects of services marketing in the tourism & hospitality industry. Its main objective is to develop skills to identify and analyze marketing issues that are usually encountered in the hospitality service business, and formulate appropriate solutions.

Students will be gradually acquainted with the distinctive aspects, challenges and approaches relevant to hospitality services marketing mix, with regards to specific strategies in order to consolidate and improve the business posture of the organization

Hospitality Marketing Research for Decision Makers (THM 612) Written/Oral 3 English 45

This marketing research course is about familiarizing participants with the marketing research concept, literature and various research techniques.  More specifically, marketing research consists of gathering precise information through the proper application of quantitative and qualitative approaches in order to solve explicit marketing problems, or respond to specific inquiries. The main objective is to properly use research results as an aid to making sound strategic marketing decisions. 

Understanding and Managing Hospitality Sales (THM 620) Written/Oral 3 English 45

This course is about how to manage personal selling and sales management in the hospitality industry.  Participants will be familiarized with the basic activities of sales such as: forecasting, budgeting, evaluating and many others.  Participants will also be acquainted with how to create and efficiently and effectively manage a customer oriented sales force as a key component of the organization’s marketing structure and hospitality business profitability.

Advanced Hospitality & Management Operations (ORM 611) Written/Oral 3 English 45

It is based on principles of scientific management, concerns itself with how work is done. The course also includes examination of current international and national hospitality and tourism policies, planning and development perspectives, and their economic impacts.

Tourism & Hospitality Product & Pricing Management (THM 624) Written/Oral 3 English 45

This course presents an in-depth understanding of the issues in relation with the management and overall problems usually encountered in hospitality & tourism products / services and pricing. It underlines the functions of a hotel product / service, its role, its competitive posture and the impact of a pricing strategy on the hotel organization’s competitive standing and profitability and on the customer expectations and satisfaction as well.  

Participants will be familiarized with these two marketing dimensions and their applications within the context of a marketing mix structure and process. More specifically and among other things, participants will learn how to establish a hospitality product strategy through its life-cycle and how such a strategy can lead to enduring successful brand positioning and ensuring high equity. In addition, participants will be familiarized with the price objectives and structure, factors influencing pricing decisions and the different approaches to pricing. 

Advanced Revenue Management (ORM 612) Written/Oral 3 English 45

It focuses on how to implement desired changes efficiently to produce measurable improvement in market share and overall revenue for your foodservice operation. Find out how to use a service blueprint to improve the service delivery process and increase profits, and examine such variables as client flow, menu planning, dining time, optimal table mix, meal duration, and variable pricing. Use practical analytical tools to diagnose and solve issues that have made it difficult for you to increase your revenue. Learn how to implement revenue management in five steps.

IT, E-commerce & Social Media for Hospitality (THM 626) Written/Oral 3 English 45

The course will explore the literature on the political economy of the Internet to determine what policy choices—and hence which political debates—are and will be most important for hotels and restaurants. In part, the course is intended to review and evaluate the quality of our knowledge about concepts like “the information society” ‘social media” and “the knowledge economy.” We also will examine the impact of the burgeoning digital economy on the political economy of the advanced countries.  We will inquire into what we really know about the digital economy, how do we know it, and what important questions remain unanswered.

Hotel & Resort Development & Management (ORM 623) Written/Oral 3 English 45

This course covers all aspects of Hotel and Resort Development.  It allows the members to understand the difference between a resort and regular hotel.  Identify the economic, social, and environmental considerations in the resort planning and development process.  Site requirements, facilities planning, management requirements and basic organization concepts of a resort are the main focus.

Real Estate Finance and Investment (FIN 623) Written/Oral 3 English 45

Real Estate Finance and Investments prepares students to understand the risks and rewards associated with investing in and financing both residential and commercial real estate. Concepts, techniques and problem sets are used in many careers related to real estate. The material is also relevant to individuals who want to better understand real estate for their own personal investment and financing decisions. It will help the students to learn how to evaluate the risk and return associated with the various ways of investing and lending. It is a guide to perform the right kind of analysis to make informed real estate finance and investment decisions.

Franchising in the Hospitality Industry (EHR 613) Written/Oral 3 English 45

'Franchising in the Hospitality Industry' provides an overview of the issues, debates and challenges associated with business franchising. In two parts, firstly looks at the issues from both an academic and practitioner perspective. The second part looks more closely at service sector groups in the hospitality industry, such as hotels, leisure and catering using national and international examples and illustrations. These demonstrate how the theories and debates discussed in the first part, are tackled in real life situations.

An insight into the national and international activities of franchise operations within the hospitality service sector and the business dynamics associated with franchising in this context
identifies examples of best practice from the point of view of both franchiser and franchisee
a holistic understanding of all issues involved by showing them in a real life context.

Brand Management (THM 613) Written/Oral 3 English 45  
Hospitality Services & Customer Experience Management (THM 621) Written/Oral 3 English 45

This course describes hospitality customer relationship management as a comprehensive set of marketing management systems, procedures and techniques through the use of technology in managing hospitality customer’s affairs.  It introduces participants to the CRM fundamentals and practices.  As such, this course aims at building and maintaining profitable customer relationship by delivering real value and satisfaction.

Participants will learn how to make the customer experience(s) in the hospitality business a memorable encountering not to forget, and how to establish a strong personal link with the organization’s service key people in order to nourish the relationship. 

Yield Revenue & Management (THM 621) Written/Oral 3 English 45  
Restaurant Entrepreneurship (ORM 620) Written/Oral 3 English 45

This course focuses on the process of establishing and operating a restaurant - from concept to development to operations. It comprises concept analysis, feasibility study, menu development and pricing, technical and architectural planning, staffing and pre-opening opening and operational administration.  This course is a team-taught applied project approach where students analyze, and elaborate real-case studies.

Restaurant Entrepreneurship (ORM 620) Written/Oral 3 English 45

This course focuses on the process of establishing and operating a restaurant - from concept to development to operations. It comprises concept analysis, feasibility study, menu development and pricing, technical and architectural planning, staffing and pre-opening opening and operational administration.  This course is a team-taught applied project approach where students analyze, and elaborate real-case studies.

Catering & Special Events Management (ORM 621) Written/Oral 3 English 45

This applied convention and special event management course covers meeting and event design, marketing of event and getting sponsors, working with suppliers, on-site management, post event analysis, industry related computer programs, and meetings documentation.

Airline Service & Management (ORM 6240 Written/Oral 3 English 45

Introduction to the Airport & Airline business environment. Participants review the history, advancement and operation of modern airports as well as the relationship between various airlines, and how operational issues affect the airlines and passengers.  Subjects such as computerized reservations systems, yield management, traffic flow policies, flight systems and personnel management are covered.  Essential for students wishing to work with and around airline companies.

Thesis (MSH 691) Written/Oral 6 English  
Tourism & Hospitality Project (MSH 692) Written/Oral 6 English