Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management

Relations with the Industry


One of the objectives of the Faculty of Hospitality Management is to become the hinge between education, hospitality, and service industry in order to be recognized as the reference in the industry, seeking talents. That is why the Faculty of Hospitality Management, with the partnership of hospitality industry representatives, has created a steering committee whose aim is to define the strategic orientation of the faculty, to advise and support it in its future developments.

Members of the Strategic Committee


The strategic committee includes the following members:

  • The President of the Syndicate of hotel-keepers
  • Five hotel-keepers: Phoenicia, Movenpick, Metropolitan, Le Royal, SAS Radisson
  • Two food and beverage operators
  • One representative of the Ministry of Tourism
  • Media / Press: Hospitality News
  • Two representatives of the Sagesse University
  • One representative of the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne

Objectives of the Strategic Committee


The objectives of this committee are:

  • Continual adaptation of the educational programs of the Faculty of Hospitality Management to the middle and long term needs of the industry.
  • Placement priority in the Lebanese Hotels and Restaurants for the Faculty of Hospitality Management graduates.
  • Insure the connection between the industry and the Faculty of Hospitality Management.
  • Insure the conformity with the hotels and restaurants standards at the local and international levels.