Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management
Shaza Riyadh at the SFTHM
Friday 26 Mar 2021
Shaza Riyadh at the SFTHM
Shaza Riyadh at the SFTHM

As a part of the Understanding the Environment course, the faculty invites speakers to come and discuss real life industry experience. 


In March of 2021, the General Manager of the Shaza Riyadh Hotel Residences, Mr. Andre Saade, was invited by the Dean of the Faculty, Dr. Tanios Kassis, to conduct an online session (due to the current situation) for the first year students.


Mr. Saade has extensive experience in hospitality in the Middle East and Europe.  He shared his journey with the students, and explained the importance of having attainable goals.  He encouraged the students to be ready for a post-COVID 19 world with many opportunities in the near future.


During the session, he shared his personal motto, ‘Everyone is responsible for his/her own state.  You are all pure golden gems and need to be refined.  Your experiences in life will do that.’   In addition, he elaborated on the value of learning and to always be open to new challenges.


The session concluded with an active Q&A from the students.