Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management

Le Gastronomique: is located on the third floor of the campus with dining capacity of up to 200 persons comfortably seated during special events and functions. It is perceived as one of the finest dining and wining experience in Beirut with the unique feeling of being surrounded by the future hoteliers who will treat their guests with exquisite service and mouth watering food.


Le Cenacle: By definition, Le Cenacle is the place where students gather to learn. A daily set menu cautiously selected from different cuisines of the world is served at Le Cenacle with a broad selection of beverages that goes along with the expectations of our finest clientele. Opening hours from 08:30 till 15:00


A L’emportee: This coffee bar invites you to come as you are and enjoy this cozy eatery located near the lobby. The bar opens early for breakfast and then for lunch offering coffee, tea, juices and freshly baked bakery, sandwiches and snacks. Opening hours from 7:00 till 16:00