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Scientific Activities

Scientific Activities
Dec 2013
Conventions, Colloquia and Seminars



In complement to the teachings dispensed, the Canon law faculty has, ever since its beginnings, been producing academic actions and diverse cultural activities. Hundreds of canonists, from the entire world, have participated in these congresses, colloquiums and seminars.

It is appropriate to cite:


  • XII international convention organized by la Consociatio Internationalis Studio Juris Canonici Promovendo(September 2004). A manifestation, the first of a kind in Lebanon that assembled more than 200 canonists and magistrates from the world of canon law. This congress was sponsored by his Beatitude Cardinal Nasrallah Sfeir, Maronite Patriarch who honoured us with his presence and his inaugural speech.

    The execution of this convention was for this faculty “a heavy-weight but honourable, a hard challenge but agreeable…” said Mgr. Joseph Merhej, the president of La Sagesse University.

  • The Vth international colloquium on the notion “d’Eglises Nationales” (November 2003) in which more than 20 foreign lecturers participated.
  • The seminar on Canon Law, comparative study, held at the occasion of “les séminaries préparatifs au Synode Maronite” (October 2003) with the participation of bishops and canonist personalities of the Maronite Church.
  • “La Curie Romaine et les Tribunaux Apostoliques”, a seminar animated by Mgr. Pio Vito Pinto and Mgr. Abdo Yaacoub (judges in Roman tribunal of the Rote).
  • “Le Sacrement du mariage dans les deux Codes”, a seminar animated by Prof. Dimitri Salachas, professor of Canon Law and advisor at the Apostolic Signature Tribunal.
  • “L’éparchie et son organisation”, a seminar animated by Mgr. Patrick Valdrini, President emeritus of the ICP.
  • “La hiérarchie des normes en droit latin”, animated by Prof. Philippe Toxé, dean of the faculty of Canon Law at ICP.
  • “Les tribunaux de l’église maronite”, conference given Mgr. Roland Abou Jaoudé, Patriarchal Maronite Vicar and moderator of the Maronite tribunals.
  • Participating in the VI Colloquium on the notion of "national church" in Höör Sweden on the topic "The Swedish state and religions in XXI century" (August 2006). It should be noted that the Fifth Symposium was organized by our Faculty at Sagesse University. (May 2003).
  • Participating in the XIII International Congress of Canon Law of the Consociatio Internationalis Studio Iuris Canonici Promovendo. Venice, Italy (September 2008).
  • Participating in the XIV International Congress of Canon Law "The funzione amministrativa nell'ordinamento canonico" in collaboration with Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University & the Faculty of Canon Law & Consociatio Internationalis Studio Iuris Canonici Promovendo. Warsaw - Poland (September 2011).
  • Participating in the International study day: "Novazioni e tendenza attuali nel diritto canonico". Munich - Germany (May 2012).