Faculty of Canon Law

Program Regulations - Second Cycle



Attendance and participation of the guided legal practicum (travaux dirigés) are 70% obligatory.



Two exams are to be presented at the end of every semester:
The exam at the end of the first semester takes place in February, and the exam at the end of the second semester takes place in June.
The student can present a remedial exam in October, in the subjects he/she failed, in both semesters.

At the end of the 3rd year (second cycle), the student having presented his/her thesis and having validated all of his/her courses, has to present an oral general exam “De Universo Iure Canonico”, in presence of a jury from the faculty, as well as a commission from the Lateran University. He/She can then obtain a degree in Canon Law.



At the end of his/her 3rd year of study, the student is to present a thesis. The theme is to be chosen with the help of 2nd cycle faculty teachers.
A faculty member supervises the work on this thesis.
The theme is to be subject to the approval of the Dean, as well as the professor, and should be different from the themes addressed during the last five years.
The student is to fill in a file mentioning the chosen and approved theme, and submit it to the faculty’s secretary’s office, during the month of December of each year.
The thesis should include eighty to a hundred twenty pages. The student should obtain the approval of the supervising professor before print.
The student should present 3 copies of his/her thesis to the secretary’s office, attached to a request to fix a date for the defence.

The thesis should be handed in before the end of the month of May of each year.
During the public defence, a jury evaluates the student’s work, and in case of validation, the appropriate distinction is given.