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Colloquia and Activities 2011 - 2012
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Colloquia and Activities 2011 - 2012
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During the 2011-2012 academic year, several conferences and activities were organized in collaboration with the Faculty of Law:


December 2011:


International Roundtable on the WIPO Action Plan of the Development for university students. Several lecturers and speakers from universities in France, Belgium, Abidjan, Tunisia, Congo and Rabat, attended the roundtable.

January 2012:


Debate on the Protection of the Rights of Foreign Domestic in Lebanon in collaboration with the Association INSAN, AIDA and AECID, under the patronage of the Ambassador of Spain in Lebanon.

February 2012:


Participation of the Faculty of Law in the Sagesse University symposium "The expectations of the Arab Spring"- Lebanon within the changes in the region

April 2012:

  1. Visit of the President of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, Sir David Baragwanathat at the Faculty of Law of Sagesse University. (Lebanon and the internationalization of legal systems)
  2. Debate on the Death Penalty, in collaboration with the Association ALEF and the Legal Clinic of the Faculty of Law.
  3. Participation of 3 students in 4th year at Pictet competition in South Africa.
  4. Visit of a Jordanian delegation to the Faculty of Law within the framework of the Human Rights Legal Clinic.


July 2012:

  Visit of a few students in the fourth year to the Special Tribunal for Lebanon in Holland