Faculty of Canon Law
Pontifical Lateran University Affiliation

This faculty is affiliated to the Pontifical Lateran University in Rome.
It is therefore considered as the unique Canon law faculty to deliver its teachings to students in Lebanon and neighbouring countries.

It is in a context of openness and cooperation with the Universal Church that the connection with the Pontifical Lateran University gave to la Sagesse a new dimension.
Indeed, the affiliation with the University of the Pope carries at the same time an “honour and a burden, responsibilities”.

Moreover, as observed by Cardinal Angelo Scola, rector of the Lateran University, it is in this same spirit of exchange and reciprocal enrichment, that the La Sagesse University by its expression of the vivacity of the Church of Lebanon can offer to the Lateran family, a precious contribution urgently needed by the Church and the world. This affiliation was acquired in virtue of the decree of the congregation for catholic education, on January 3rd, 2000.

The annual and uninterrupted participation of a commission from Lateran in the final examination jury “De Universo Iure Canonico” , and the more than appreciated presence of the rector of the Lateran University on graduation day, have added a new universal dimension to our university.