About Uls

A Well-Balanced Development

The Sagesse’s Mission is conveyed through its cultural and national commitment deeply rooted in the history of Lebanon. Its origins go back to 1852 when Mgr. Toubia Aoun, then Archbishop of the Maronite Archdiocese of Beirut, established his seminar in Ain Saadé.

In 1875, Mgr. Youssef Debs, the successor of Mgr. Aoun, considered it more suitable to move to a better location in order to lead the adventure of a cultural revival in the city of Beirut.


He founded « La Sagesse » with its Law Institute that taught Civil Law and the Islamic « Fiqh » by well-known Muslim scholars.

This school was as influential as the ancient school of Beryte, the mother of Law, and the ottoman authority of the Sublime Porte followed thoroughly the development and legalized the diplomas it delivered.

At the end of the past century, Mgr. Paul Matar, current Archbishop and Chancellor of La Sagesse, found it adequate to start a new expansion by adding other disciplines than the juridical studies already provided, such as Canon Law, Political Science and International Relations, Business Administration with its different branches and Hotel Management. 

The faculty of Ecclesiastical Science provides the education for catechists and offers theological, doctrinal and Church pastoral teaching.

Nowadays, each year on the 25th of January, the university celebrates "St. Paul’s” day, the apostle of the nations.


Sagesse University, through its courses, thrives to serve the young generation, without any discrimination, in order to provide them a distinguished place in the domain of knowledge and an access to the business world. This way we are applying the policy of the rector (2001 - 2011), Mgr. Joseph Merhej, who aims at giving the young generation work visas instead of passports.

The rigorous teaching provided by the university, based on the respect of human and moral values, takes into consideration the requirements of innovation as well as the complicated and various globalization challenges.

From its new main campus located in the North-East of Beirut, at a crossroad joining the different arteries of the country, Sagesse University continues its rational and well-balanced development with new achievements and relationships with other universities. The university promotes its openness and dialogue to move into new horizons.

The tireless efforts of the University Rector, and all his collaborators consist, with this in mind, to implement the mission and goals of the University.