Faculté de Tourisme et de Gestion Hôtelière
Accréditation of the

The Sagesse’s Mission is conveyed through its cultural and national commitment deeply rooted in the history of Lebanon. Its origins go back to 1875 with its Law Institute that taught Civil Law and the Islamic « Fiqh » by well-known Muslim scholars.
This institution was as influential as the ancient school of Beryte, the mother of Law, and the ottoman authority of the Sublime Porte followed thoroughly the development and legalized the diplomas it delivered.
At the end of the past century, Mgr. Paul Matar, current Archbishop and Chancellor of La Sagesse, found it adequate to start a new expansion by adding other disciplines than the juridical studies already provided, such as Canon Law, Political Science and International Relations, Business Administration with its different branches and Hospitality Management.
From its two campus located in the Furn El-Chebak and Achrafieh.