Faculté de Tourisme et de Gestion Hôtelière
Student Industry Relations

Student Industry Relations 


The mission of the Student Industry Relations Department is to provide full support to students during their studies and internship period at the SFTHM.  


The SIR provides students with internship opportunities, but also encourages them to pursue their own in an area of specific interest.  These may include hotels, restaurants, catering companies, cruises, airlines, travel agencies, tour operators, or casinos.   


The student will be guided through the process and given advice on the various offers, therefore allowing them to make the appropriate choice based on their individual situation.  In this way, they will be able to maximize their learning during the training period. 


Students are closely monitored by the SIR Department during their internship, making sure that they are adhering to company standards and achieving their targets.  They must set goals, fill out detailed paperwork on a weekly basis, and analyze the overall process upon completion of the internship.  In addition, their supervisor must fill out an evaluation regarding their performance during the working period. 


Internships may be conducted domestically or abroad.  There are many benefits to conducting an international internship, including global awareness, networking and exposure. Students may choose which hands-on learning program best suits them. 


Students must complete a total of two internships (Bachelor of Science program) consisting of a minimum of 900 total working hours.