Faculté de Tourisme et de Gestion Hôtelière
Premier et Deuxième Semestre
Cours Type De Test Nombre De Credits Langue Du Cours Nombre D'heures  
Hotel Pre-Opening, Planning and Development HOL 401 Ecrit 3 Anglais 45

The course gives an overview of the countless tasks and challenges a project must undergo before welcoming the first guest.  All steps are reviewed, intensely studying the planning and development phases. Ranging from the schematic design to construction and the soft opening, each step throughout the process is evaluated.

Oenology & Beverage Knowledge FBS 207 Ecrit 3 Anglais 45

This course examines the science, production, and categorization of wine and its relationship with food. It covers the distinctive characteristics of different types of wine in order to suggest, recommend, and serve customers accordingly.  Other beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic such as liquors, spirits, beer, coffee, and tea, are also discussed.  

Conflict Management HRM 421 Ecrit 3 Anglais 45

Conflict Management discusses the nature of conflict and provides a series of tools to deal effectively with disagreement and hostility.  Students manage and resolve workplace conflict while settling disputes. The basic concepts of conflict management, techniques for managing conflict effectively, listening, negotiation techniques, and how to cope with crises are reviewed.

Hotel & Restaurant Simulation HOM 460 Ecrit 3 Anglais 45

This course introduces students to key concepts in financial, human resource and marketing management by developing a deeper understanding of hospitality operations. Students work in groups while using a computer-based hotel business simulation exercise (HOTS software) to carry out research and give recommendations on developing hospitality operations. Throughout the project, students gain an understanding of how to supervise hospitality operations, influence profit and loss, and manage cash flow and balance sheets.

Hospitality Strategic Management HOM 499 Ecrit 3 Anglais 45

In Hospitality Strategic Management, students evaluate hospitality and tourism firms / industries and the broader environments in which they exist in regard to their impact on competitiveness and performance. Students select strategies and develop plans for implementation.  Topics include environmental analysis, firm resource analysis, competitive analysis, strategy formulation, strategy implementation, international strategy, and strategic control.

Principles of Finance FIN 380 Ecrit 3 Anglais 45

This course provides students with the necessary tools to evaluate investment decisions and risk-return relationships in finance.  Students learn about capital and financial markets and the stakeholders involved.  Moreover, the time value of money and basic, stock, and bond valuation methods are covered.

Rooms Division: Yield Management HOM 300 Ecrit 3 Anglais 45

This course introduces revenue management theories and principles by analyzing methods and applications for effective hotel management.  Students appraise and evaluate operational decisions, such as pricing and distribution, based on the financial performance of the company. They calculate and determine room division ratios and prices while becoming familiarized with the end-of-day procedures and applications of yield and revenue management to maximize profitability.

Understanding the Environment II HOM 310 Lab 3 Anglais 45

This course involves the design, planning, and execution of a live event at the School of Hospitality.  Students choose a theme, create a concept, plan a menu, manage costs, draft a marketing plan, and sell tickets to the public. They work together as a team to host the event, from start to finish, and evaluate it objectively upon completion.

International Law for Hospitality and Tourism HOM 433 Ecrit 3 Anglais 45

This course covers international law for the hospitality and tourism industry.  It discusses the legal aspects and responsibility of franchises, and management and leasing contracts. There is also an emphasis on compliance, liability, and labor regulations.