Faculté de Droit
  • Afif Osseirane Foundation:

  A lebanese NGO providing legal and social assistance to underprivileged youths or juvenile offenders of the law. It enables them to acquire a job, through literacy, technical training (welding, joinery, car mechanics, general mechanics, and electricity), psychological and social follow-up.  At the end of their training, students sit for official exams and obtain a certification of professional aptitude (CAP or BP).


  • Amel Association:

  Amel is a non-governmental organization, recognized as a public utility by presidential decree 5832 in 1994. Also, Amel is a non-profit, non sectarian organization that supports the most underprivileged populations in Lebanon, through various programs involving health care, psychosocial support, rural development, vocational training, child protection and the promotion of human rights. Since 2001, Amel has had special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC).


  • American Bar Association (ABA) Rule of Law Initiative:

  The ABA is the world’s largest private, non-governmental professional association for lawyers, judges, and other legal professionals.  Through the Rule of Law Initiative (ROLI), the ABA provides international legal technical assistance in five focal areas, among them, anti-corruption and public integrity, access to justice and human rights, and legal education. For the ROLI is a public service project dedicated to promoting rule of law around the world. ABA Lebanon has been working in these areas since January 2007.


  • Amnesty International:

   Is an international secular non-governmental organization. Its mission is to conduct research and generate action to prevent and end grave abuses of human rights and to demand justice for those whose rights have been violated.  It works to mobilise public opinion which exerts pressure on individuals who perpetrate abuses.[2] Amnesty’s regional office, based in Beirut, focuses on human rights education.


  • Arab Institute for Human Rights (AIHR):

  Is a regional and independantNGO founded in 1989. It aims to raise awareness on civil, political, cultural, social and economic rights. It also aims to desseminate and promote human rights education through seminars, workshops, research, surveys on women's rights, child rights, etc. In Lebanon, the AIHR, in partnership with the Lebanese University, implements a Masters in Children’s Rights open for all students of the Arab countries.


  • Association Libanaise pour l'Education et la Formation (ALEF):

   Is a Lebanese independent non-govermental organization which aims to change attitudes and behaviors to promote and protect human rights in Lebanon by empowering the civil society, changing the present popular perception that Human Rights issues are idealistic and elitist through ALEF projects, considering the youth as the main actors of change and a reservoir for volunteers for what they represent in terms of potential multiplying effect, giving a special attention to the most vulnerable groups (in terms of rights), especially if their vulnerability is the result of social pressures or inequalities..etc.


  • Beitouna:

  Is a Lebanese NGO which aims to preserve and promote the lebanese heritage. It provides legal and social assistance to residents of Nabaa district, one of the poorest districts in Lebanon.   Currently, Beitouna is focusing its work on the issue of stateless children in Lebanon.


  • Caritas:

  Caritas Liban is a member of Caritas International world confederation which figures among the world's largest humanitarian networks. Through its activities, Caritas Lebanon tries to restore dignity to all human beings. It cares for all God’s children – prisoners, migrants, children and adults, regardless of religious affiliation. The Caritas Migrantion Center aims to strengthen and protect the human rights of migrants (primarily migrant workers), refugees and asylum seekers in Lebanon by providing them with legal and humanitarian assistance.It helps thousands of foreigners living in Lebanon. In spite of political and economic difficulties, Lebanon hosts many refugees in need of protection and better living conditions. It provides them with help, legal council and assistance, medical aid, and support with the education of children.


  • Frontiers:

  The Lebanese NGO Frontiers Association is a non-profit and non-governmental human rights organization defending the rights of refugees and marginalized people. It is specialized in legal aid and counseling for refugees and asylum seekers and vulnerable migrant groups; research and publication on pertinent refugee issues in Lebanon; information dissemination and raising awareness. FR aims at enhancing and consolidating the human rights culture embodied in the International Bill of Rights on both the individual and collective levels; safeguarding and defending fundamental rights and public freedom of individuals and groups without discrimination; and seeking to be a center for building capacities in order to achieve sustainable human development. Part of FR mandate is to defend and advocate on behalf of refugees and asylum-seekers.It is based in Lebanon.


  • Human Rights Watch:

  Human Rights Watch. Human Rights Watch is one of the world’s leading independent organizations dedicated to defending and protecting human rights. By focusing international attention where human rights are violated, we give voice to the oppressed and hold oppressors accountable for their crimes. Our rigorous, objective investigations and strategic, targeted advocacy build intense pressure for change and raise the cost of human rights abuse.


  • KAFA:

  KAFA is a non-profit, non political, non-confessional civil society organization that seeks to mitigate the causes and results of violence and exploitation of women and children through advocacy and lobbying, raising awareness, and by offering social and legal services to vulnerable cases through its Listening and Counseling Center.


  • The Lebanese Civic Media Initiative (LCMI):

  The Lebanese Civic Media Initiative is a non-profit organization working towards advancing Civil Peace and Human Rights media in Lebanon. It  believes in a media – audio-visual, print and electronic media – that promotes social cohesion and human values, and combats stereotyping and discrimination among the various constituencies of Lebanese society.


  • The Lebanese Women Democratic Gathering:

  Is a Lebanese  comunity based organization. It collaborates with other Arab democratic women's associations in order to allow women to live freely with dignity and without discrimination. This organization is a member of the Lebanese Women Council, the Union of Arab Women "Aicha" and the network of Arab NGOs for development. Its main objectives are to activate women’s participation in the economic social and political fields, to remove all restrictions on the implementation of international regulations calling for the abolition of all kinds of discrimination against women, to implement all clauses of international treaties in order to secure the abolition of injustice towards women in the laws concerning: personal status – citizenship – sentences – social welfare – work, to include women in decision-making within the family, at work, in general politics, and to co-ordinate with women’s and democratic movements towards development and modernization


  • Mouvement Social:

  Is a non-political, non-charitable, and non-confessional Lebanese NGO, which has been working for the past 47years towards sustainable development over all the Lebanese soil in a secular fashion. It aims to build a fair and humane society, to improve the citizenship and autonomy of the underprivileged through socio-economic development projects and to implicate Lebanese youths in the development and improvement of their society. Mouvement Social offers legal aid and social assistance to juvenile and female offenders and suspected offenders via offices within Roumieh juvenile prison and Barbar Khazen prison for women.


  • The Permanent Peace Movement (PPM): 

  Is a non-profit organization dedicated to conflict resolution and limiting the use of small firearms in Lebanon and the Middle East.  Its activities were initiated in 1986 by a group of university students who shared a common hatred of violence that served as the primary mode of communication amongst the Lebanese during the civil war. . Our mission is to foster and proliferate a culture of peace through assisting the transformation of protracted social conflict by means of dialogue, conflict resolution, education, advocacy and training.PPM has developed into a team of experienced trainers who have delivered conflict resolution training in Cyprus, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Yemen, Sudan and Lebanon.


  • United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR): 

  UNCHR office was established December 14, 1950. It is a UN Agency mandated to lead and co-ordinate international action to protect refugees, stateless and, in certain circumstances, internally displaced persons at the request of a government or the UN itself and assists in voluntary repatriation, local integration or resettlement to a third country. The mission of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights is to protect and promote all human rights for all.


  • Nahwa al- Muwatiniya:

   Is a non-profit organization, founded by individuals from all walks of life, and from a mosaic of political, cultural, and religious backgrounds. It is a member of civil society concerned with the state of affairs in Lebanon and beyond, and it seeks to effect positive change through informed activism and engagement. Nahwa al-Muwatiniya empowers and mobilizes citizens towards active participation in governance through researching issues of importance to the public and publish study results, improving education and develop essential individual and group skills, enhancing awareness while advocating and lobbying for change, and increasing partnerships between individuals, organizations, and countries.


  • Norwegian People’s Aid:

  Norwegian People’s Aid. Norwegian People's Aid (NPA) is the humanitarian organization of the Norwegian trade union movement. In its work NPA is guided by the values of national and international solidarity, human dignity, freedom and equality. NPA is a voice for the vulnerable, the poor and the oppressed in Norway and abroad. Today, NPA is one of the largest Norwegian NGOs. The main target of NPA Lebanon is the registered and unregistered Palestinian refugee population in Lebanon; Underprivileged and marginalized groups in Lebanon; and Lebanese and Palestinian NGOs, especially those working among the Palestinian community.