Participation of ULS in the "Dive into Tech World" event
mercredi 22 mars 2023
Participation of ULS in the
Participation of ULS in the

On the 14th of March, Mrs. Joanne Doumit, Head of the Career Center, MIS students: Ms. Joelle Kassis, Ms. Lynn Radi, Miss Marie-José Boustany, Ms. Celine Soueidy, and Polytech student: Ms. Aya Chokor participated in the “Dive into Tech World” event organised by Malia Group. During the event, students had the chance to meet and discuss internships and job opportunities with Mrs. Araxie Berberian, Senior Talent Recruiter at Malia Group, and with Mr. Simon Tatossian, ULS MIAGe student currently employed at Malia Group.