The Career and Professional Development Center(CPDC) at Sagesse University aims to guide Sagesse students towards an increasingly competitive labor market. The Centre engages students with the professional environment and motivates them to turn to entrepreneurship. Moreover, it focuses on a labor market analysis with a view to suggest an appropriate integration in the educational curriculum of a variety of sections.



The IPDC helps students identify job opportunities and develop their potentials as they are beginning a career. It motivates them to develop and pursue a successful career with positive impact on society.

The IPDC is a comprehensive resource providing information and preparation for the students guiding them towards a suitable and rewarding professional choice.



The IPDC hopes to be a bridge between students’ expectations and the local market needs. It offers a professional integration program intended to help students develop their own professional projects.



The purpose of the IPDC is to allow current and previous Sagesse students to take personal ownership of their life long career development, which is why it challenges them to examine their values, interests and skills, and to define their purpose offering them numerous chances to fully invest themselves in their own communities.


Other objectives include:


-          Offering students the opportunity to participate in internships before landing a job in a field of their interest into which they can integrate the experience they already gained

-          Offering workshops allowing students to consider the different alternatives that will ease their entry into the professional world

-          Developing students’ relational and communicational dimensions needed for an adequate socio-professional integration

-          Create partnerships with different key players on the market able to help students consider other possible openings in their professional fields

-          Detect the needs of the labor market in order to integrate adequate courses into the academic program



The IPDC aims to help students:


-          Write a good résumé (CV) and a letter of motivation

-          Register for trainings/internships

-          Get ready for job interviews

-          Search for jobs

-          Acquire values that will help them in their working life, such as professionalism, art of communication, critical thinking, dealing with challenges, team work, and a prioritization of tasks

-          Identify different potential career opportunities

-          Build their own professional network.



Caree and Professional Development Center
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