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Freshman Program
Thursday 05 Sep 2019
Freshman Program

Students are admitted to either of two of freshman tracks:

  • Freshman Science (30 credits).
  • Freshman Arts (30 credits).


Students should hold the written Authorization from the Equivalence Committee of the Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MEHE) to pursue their higher education on the basis of a Foreign Program and accordingly apply to the Freshman Class.

They must hold a secondary school certificate (High School Diploma) recognized by the MEHE.

Applicants to the Freshman Class are required to take the SAT I prior to registration as required by the Lebanese Ministry of Education for the equivalence of the Lebanese Baccalaureate Part II. SAT II tests, which correspond to the Freshman Sciences or Arts track, should be taken during the Freshman year. SAT I includes Evidence-Based Reading/Writing and Math.

  • SAT II (Arts) includes Math 1 and any two SAT II Subjects.
  • SAT II (Sciences) includes Math 2C and two of the following science subjects (Biology, Chemistry, Physics).

The minimum required combined score for the Redesigned SAT I and SAT II is 2150 for Freshman Arts and 2300 for Freshman Sciences.


Freshman students required to sit for SAT II are:

  • those who hold the Lebanese Nationality only
  • those with dual nationalities (Lebanese and another foreign nationality) who want to go into a Professional School (Nursing and Engineering)

Requirements for equivalency to the Lebanese Baccalaureate

  • Exemption from Arabic
  • Freshman Arts students should score a minimum of
    • 2600 on SAT I & SATII if they have the OLD SAT
    • 2150 on SATI & SAT II and a minimum score of 300 on every SAT subject if they have the new SATI.
    • Freshman Science students should score a minimum of
      • 2750 on both SAT I & SATII if they have OLD SAT
      • 2300 on both SATI & SATII and a minimum score of 300 on every SAT subject if they have the NEW SATI.
      • 30 freshman credits in compliance with the requirements of MEHE completed with the first year at ULS.


Required documents to apply for the freshman program:


  • Regular Lebanese applicant: Copy of individual register document ( validity not more than six months);
  • Certified copy of the Freshman permission from the Lebanese Ministry of High Education;
  • 2 colored photocopies of the passport;
  • Two recent Passport photos;
  • Certified copy of grades 11 and 12;
  • Copy of SAT I and SAT II: Sum of SAT reasoning test (previously SAT I) and SAT subject test (previously SAT II), noting that the minimum score SAT I +SAT II is 2150 for Arts and 2300 for Sciences;
  • File assessment fees: 65$ (fees may change without prior notice).
  • Registration fees all faculties 200$ / faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management 300$ + first payment / Faculty of Religious and Theological Sciences 50$ (fees may change without prior notice).