Hult Prize @ ULS 2021 Final Event
mardi 02 févr. 2021
Hult Prize @ ULS 2021 Final Event
Hult Prize @ ULS 2021 Final Event
Hult Prize @ ULS 2021 Final Event
Hult Prize @ ULS 2021 Final Event

For the second year and amid all the challenges, the ULS Career Center has been supervising the Hult Prize ULS On Campus Program. On Friday, January 29th ,2021, the Hult Prize ULS team organized the final event via Microsoft Teams. It was an unforgettable experience for the organizing team, participants, and the pitching teams. Six teams competed to solve this year’s Hult Prize Challenge2021 Food For Good. Students from different faculties and majors took part in this amazing experience. We do highlight that anyone of YOU can be an entrepreneur and positively impact the community.

CONGRATULATIONS all of the contestants because YOU are all WINNERS!

The winners Nut So Different won 1M LP provided by the Hult Prize@ULS Golden Sponsor Wakilni. They will be representing ULS at the Hult Prize Regionals (TBA).

Although this year’s Hult Prize 2021 @ULS Journey has come to an end, the journey is not yet over for you, CHANGE MAKERS!

We would like to wholeheartedly thank all of you at the Hult Prize ULS On Campus Team, who took part in this journey because it wouldn’t have been half the fun without the Hult Prize ULS OC Team led by Mohammad Marwan AL Sidani!

We would also like to express the sincerest appreciation to our Judges, Mentors, and Sponsors and Johnny Harb Music Band for all the hard work! Thank you, Mr. Charbel Fakhoury, Dr. Christelle Iskandar, Mr. Maurice Matta, Mr. Maher Mezher, Ms. Yusr Sabra, Mrs. Elissar Hajj Zarwi for your patience and valuable participation. Such an Inspiration Indeed!

Special Thanks to our sponsors Wakilni, Beirut Circles, Domino’s Pizza, and The Bakery.

ULS students should not stop showcasing their ideas changing the world!

Yes! Be encouraged to execute your awesome plans and make it a better place!

Don’t limit your challenges.