Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management

Student Industry Relations


The mission of the Student Industry Relation’s department is to provide full support to the students and encourage them during their internship program.

Although the students will have the responsibility of finding and organizing their internships, SIR will guide them and help thru the research and give advice on how to select an appropriate internship in order to maximize learning during the training period. SIR carefully monitors the students during their internship, making sure that the right program has been selected as well as doing a follow up with the person that is in charge from the hotel side.  By doing this, the SIR is assuring that your first training be a successful one as this is your first step in building your future career!

Help from our SIR office


The Student Industry Relations provide advice and consultancy to the faculty students, the fresh graduates and the Alumni in different matters such as useful contacts with the industry, finding an appropriate work or in establishing private business etc.

Period of the internship program


As part of the curriculum, our students are required to do two Practical Internships that one must be done abroad.  The Internship is a large part of the faculty program. It is NOT just a time to fulfill. It is a period where the student is committed to apply the gained knowledge during the academic year. It is a challenge to overcome where he or she has to meet the workforce environment, customer services and properties standards in order to gain new concept and shows bright ideas. A successful internship achieves the development of students management skills and creativity.


Training period is for five month or for a minimum of one thousand hours.


The first internship is done in the Food & Beverage domain.  It should be in a renowned hotel or restaurant where the student passes to all related departments applying the gained knowledge during the first part of the first academic year.


The second internship takes place in the Rooms Division and or in an Administrative area, also in a renowned hotel.  The students will pass to all related departments taking into consideration and applying what they have studied at the faculty during their second academic year.


From faculty practice to world practice!


Training may be done anywhere in the world: Bangkok, Malaysia, China, Maldives, The Middle East, Dubai, Qatar, Egypt, Cyprus, Malta, Spain, England, France, USA, Brazil etc. Students are required to be trained abroad in order to widened their knowledge and get a multi-culture experience