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Monday 30 Aug 2021

Dear students,
Some decisions are not easy to take but end up being imposed on us. The decision to increase the price of the credit is one of them. We tried to delay it, hoping for a surge of humanity from our leaders, daring to believe that a government of salvation will emerge and help start a return to normalcy.
However, nothing has changed. The stagnation of political life, the blockage of State institutions, the selfishness of those in power have only worsened the situation. It is obvious to say that the economic crisis is affecting all of us, it is needless to remind you that the educational sector is suffering as a result. And yet!
Professors are leaving the country as well as some students to some extent. The University’s staff who assist you every day struggle to make things happen with least resources and many challenges to their daily operations.
The decision to increase the price of credits was not an easy one. It has imposed itself on us but has been rigorously studied in order to meet several objectives: not to increase intolerably the burden on families, to allow you to continue your studies at your university, to prevent professors from leaving in order to maintain a certain level of education, to improve the salaries of employees.

Thus, for transparency purposes, notwithstanding this increase the losses of the University will remain substantial.
We are counting on your understanding and on the generosity of the alumni so La Sagesse can continue to spread knowledge and know-how in a country that must rise, Lebanon will rise again with God’s will.
Dear students,
Your Alma Mater will always be by your side. No financial difficulty should prevent you from continuing your studies. Now is the time for solidarity among all of us.
In the hope of gaining back our Lebanon, the Lebanon of openness, culture and humanism.

Université La Sagesse Administration


Click Here to download PDF file for the New price list - Academic Year 2021-2022