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Student Virtual Integration
Friday 03 Sep 2021

Welcome to Université La Sagesse (ULS)


Student Virtual Integration






While we would have wanted to meet you in person, unfortunately the health situation compels us to limit face-to-face interaction within university facilities.


In that sense, we have created an online remote program for this fall which includes all the information you would have received in-person and much more!


We know you are eager to get started, and we are likewise thrilled to help you effectively transition to ULS.


We know for a fact that this isn't the integration experience you thought you would have, but we promise to make the most of it!



1 – How to Access Your ULS E-Mail:

2 – How to register a Course:

Tutorial video to discover the Student Information System (SIS) which will help you flexibly check the course offering as well as, adding, swapping, or dropping courses.


3– How to use ULS e-learning platform:

    -   Microsoft Teams:

Watch the below tutorial to know more how to use the MS Teams, join classes, and participate in University meetings.


         -  Moodle:

Tutorial to be familiar with the e-Learning platform that you will be utilizing all year long.


4- Getting Integrated:


Throughout your presence at ULS, you can refer to the following services:



Registrar: For the courses, exams, rooms, plans, transcripts, certifications, graduation, petitions…

Student Affairs: Guides students on their journey.


Social Services: Provides students with aid facility, welfare and psychological help.


Career Center: Educates, advises, and connects students to professional opportunities.


IT Department: In charge of the networks and infrastructure, e-mails, software and hardware help, maintenance.


Library: Provides students with research resources, Internet access and a catalog of computerized references.



Facebook Follow the ULS official page to stay up to date and be engaged in all the news and activities of your community, and do not forget to tag @uls.official on social media throughout your university experience.


Please check your ULS email on a daily basis for updates throughout the academic year.


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