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Early Admission ULS (2020)
Thursday 16 Jan 2020

Early Admission ULS (2020)


  1. Early Admission Dates for the Academic Year 2019 -2020 will be as follows:


    1. . Polytech Faculty: Before February 7, 2020 (an open possibility to inform students in certain schools that Polytech early admission dates could be extended by the administration).

      Such measures specifying the early admission date for polytech assessing the particular consideration of the administration towards the enrolment of the significant students in all the schools to register in polytech.

      As for the university scholarship for the first year, will remain as decided from the last year.

    2. . Others Faculties:  from January 21, till April 30, 2020.


  1. Required Conditions for the early admission:


    2.1- General Average Grade of 15/20 and above will be unconditionally accepted.

    2.2- General Average Grade between 13 and 14.9 will be accepted upon faculty file study

            (A deadline of one week for the admissions office decision).

    2.3- General Average less than 13/20 is not eligible for the early admission enrolment, hence       the student will apply during the normal fixed dates for the ULS Registration.

    2.4 - General Average include the secondary 1, 2 and 3 grades.


  2. Academic Services:


    3.1. Shadowing courses are offered in various faculties and in certain courses. These courses aim to familiarize the student to the university program and the value of the class

    (Syllabus, Credit System, etc.).  

    3.2. Every dean should fill a time table with the courses offering and be submitted to the admission’s office in order to facilitate the student’s task enrolled in the shadowing period and to benefit from the academic services.

    3.3. Upon Applicant request for class shadowing, the admission and orientation at ULS will inform each dean of Faculty enrolled student’s number in order to send this information to proper officers in his faculty (coordinators or teachers).

    3.4. Possible participation for students in certain courses might be considered with new technologies (like Team in Office 365).